Who I am…

(The following was written by a guest blogger.)

Hi. My name’s Lila and I have Down Syndrome.


I know that freaks some people out. They are scared I am too different from them. They think my life is sad. They think there are lots of things I will never do.

Boy, are they are wrong. That’s because I AM so many things…


Sure, I can make scary faces.


And sometimes I get mad.


But there is NOTHING I can’t conquer.


Mommy says I am the FIRST thing she thinks of when she wakes up in the morning, and the last thing on her mind before she starts to dream. And sometimes I show up there, too. That means I AM TREASURED.


When my Daddy gets home from work, I wave my arms around like crazy until he picks me up and puts me on his shoulders. (Sometimes I try to pull his ear, but we won’t talk about that!) That means I AM SILLY.


When I see my therapists, I WORK HARD to do the same things that come easily to other kids my age. That makes me DEDICATED. Mommy tells me all the time we don’t need easy, we just need possible.


When I meet up with my friends, I love to give them kisses. Sometimes they are my size…


And sometimes they are a little smaller…


But I AM always LOVING (well, most of the time!)


And boy, do I LOVE TO DANCE. (And not to toot my own horn, but I think I’m pretty BRAVE for riding on the back of a roaring dinosaur, don’t you?)

I have changed so many minds about what a special needs family looks like. We laugh…


We play, we sing, we have dance parties. But most importantly, we love each other so much that there isn’t room for hardly any sadness at all. I AM CONFIDENT that I will exceed so many expectations…and you can help me! The next time you see sometime who might look or act differently than you, don’t stare or walk away. Smile at them and say hello!

That’s what I would I do!


Because really people, don’t freak out. It’s just an extra chromosome.



Here’s a message from me and my friends on this Down Syndrome Awareness Day.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/62256838″>Chattanooga Down Syndrome Awareness Day 3-21-13</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user17192226″>Latricia Milburn</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


39 thoughts on “Who I am…

  1. Erine Mackie says:

    Lila, you’re amazing… and so are your Mom and Dad! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of your life with us!

  2. Faith Everett says:

    Lila, you are truly an inspiration to all humanity!!!!! May we never stop learning the lessons you have to teach us!!!!!!!

  3. Kim Parkinson says:

    Lila, what an awesome little girl you are. I can’t wait to see all the adventures life has in store for you. You are a true blessing!

  4. Sharon Dishroon says:

    Wow…Lila, you made me smile…I really needed that today. You are amazing …can’t wait to see what you accomplish next…you have the smile down perfectly. πŸ™‚

  5. kim g says:

    what a sweetie!!!!! Down Syndrome? Sounds like you are just a little stinker, full of love!!!! What a joy….thanks to your mommy for sharing ……….

  6. Joyce Powell says:

    Lila, you are a beautiful, AMAZING little girl. Your Mommy and Daddy sure are blessed to have you in their lives. We hope you keep sending us updates through this blog of “yours”.

  7. Lisa Pardue says:

    Lila,you are a pretty little girl,and i see you like music thats great.Lila i see you have wonderfull parents.You are the SUNSHINE Lila

  8. Valery says:

    I enjoyed your pictures. I think you are wonderful and just as you have touched my heart I know you will touch everyone you come in contact with…thank you

  9. Emmajeanne Young says:

    You are an amazing little girl! It was a priviledge to see your pictures and the video. Your smile lights up the world!

  10. Garvin Colburn says:

    Lila! Thank you so much for all those amazing, lovely pictures! You are a delightful blessing to all of our family. I just wish I could see you more often! Please thank your wonderful Mom and Dad, for me, for sharing all those delightful photos of all the wonderful things you can do!
    ~~~~From your loving Great-Grandma G!

  11. Zelma Ruth Mikel Harris says:

    Lila is really growing and developing her own little personality. All of the children are very precious and a perfect gift from God. Lila you are a perfect ray of sunshine to mommy and daddy and everyone you come in contact with. I would love to give you a great big hug and play with you for a while. You are one special little angel!

  12. Midge says:

    Lila, today is my birthday, and I just got a wonderful present (the inspiring, touching story of your life). You are a beautiful little girl who enjoys life to the fullest. You are very blessed to have loving parents; they are also blessed to have an Angel to share the love, laughter and all that makes a Happy Home. I am so honored that your Mommy shared you beautiful story with me on this, my 74th birthday. I look forward to more updates on your playful adventures.

  13. Teresa Allen says:

    Lila such a sweet little girl. Loved all your pictures. You have so much to share with the world. Thank you for sharing with me. Looking forward to seeing more of you. God bless you and your family.

  14. Jackie Kisting says:

    Oh Lila, you are so beautiful! I know you will be able to do great things. I hope we can watch you grow up. God Bless You.

  15. imogene woods says:

    Lila,you are a beautiful little girl.and I am sure mommie and daddy have you spoiled rotten,thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with all of us,may God Bless you and your family,they are so lucky to have you in their lives,!!

  16. Tara Jones says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog…but nearly as much as I love that little girl that I haven’t even met πŸ˜‰ She has melted my heart hundreds of miles away ❀

  17. Robbie Mcwhirter says:

    Lila you are one amazing little girl. Your mommy and daddy are very blessed God chose them to be your parents, they are very special people , for a very special little girl. You put a smile on my face:-)

  18. Patricia Tate says:

    Lila…you are an awesome little girl! You can do anything you want to do! You are SPECIAL in so many ways!

  19. Jen Stampf says:

    Lila, you ARE the most amazing baby girl ever! You are so truly blessed! You have the most supportive parents any person could ever have. I wish I could see you soon, and sneak one of your sweet kisses <3. Lila, you are such a treasure!

  20. Himani Gupta says:

    What a beautiful family…I loved the pictures. I wish I was as adventurous as she is as a child. ‘Cause I must have been a bore, I do not have any such blooming pictures!

  21. parentingenergy says:

    This is so touching and well put together. Big smiles from me. I hope you don’t mind that Uve posted a link to your blog on my Facebook Page, Parenting Energy. Sending Love, from Australia πŸ™‚

  22. Stacy says:

    Lila you are precious and we love you. We love the follow ups, the pictures, your mom and dad and just love you! You make us smile, you make us laugh and we have a better day! Sending hugs and kisses your way!

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